Installation Instructions

DIY Instructions

Installing a Gridforce driveway is extremely straight forward. You receive pre-connected sections that can be taken straight from the pallet and installed by just one person in a single step.


Geo-textile membrane should first be laid on the earth before the base layer to create ground stability.

Base Layer

To ensure optimum drainage, crushed concrete/broken stone of a size 5/32mm should be used in the base layer. In normal circumstances, the sub-base underneath the grid should be made up of approx. 150mm of hardcore. However, if the ground in your case is particularly soft we

would recommend that you satisfy yourself that the sub-base is capable of withstanding the desired amount of weight. We have had customers with a soft clay ground use up to 200mm of hardcore as the ground required a deep sub-base. Ideally, this should be compacted with a roller or compactor to create a firm and level surface.

Levelling Layer

To level any possible unevenness in the base layer, the Gridforce system should be installed on a layer of fine chippings or sharp sand – approx. 25mm deep. This should be levelled evenly with a rake.


Lay the chosen Gridforce onto the surface and firm into the ground.


Gridforce can be filled with a wide range of materials, most commonly seeded topsoil for a grassed finish or with gravel. For grass seeding we recommend a good quality top soil, screened loam or root zone. Fill the grid so that the upper edge of the Gridforce is 5mm above the soil then soak and seed, whereas for gravel the top of the grid may be completely covered.

For a gravel finish, we would not recommend using a gravel below 10mm in size. If the area is not exactly rectangular, the grid can be cut to shape with a hand saw/stihl saw but obviously this will require purchasing extra stock and then cutting down to the right size. The grid will function effectively on a slope up to 1:5 if trafficked and 1:3 untrafficked.

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To get a better idea of just how easy it is to lay, watch the gridforce Video

Separating Sections/Layers

If a section of grid needs to be separated, place it at the point of separation on a higher surface (another layer of Gridforce works best), and push it out of the connecting system using your foot.

Calculations for Quantities

Hardcore/Broken Stone required for the base layer

For cars = 300kg of hardcore/broken stone per m² (providing 150mm depth)

For trucks = 400kg of hardcore/broken stone per m² (providing 200mm depth)

Sand or Fine Chippings required for the leveling layer

For all grid types = 25kg of sharp sand (grass or gravel finish) or fine chippings (gravel finish only) per m²

Topsoil required for a grass surface (per m2)

For 30mm grid = 50kg of topsoil

For 40mm grid = 65kg of topsoil

For 50mm grid = 80kg of topsoil

Aggregate required for a graveled area (per m2)

For 30mm grid = 55kg of gravel

For 40mm grid = 72kg of gravel

For 50mm grid = 90kg of gravel

Gridforce Laying Diagram

Prepare the underground according to the use.

Start to lay the Gridforce in the left corner and lay it step by step:

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