Most gravel driveways suffer from ‘shift’ problems with lose gravel and uneven surfaces leading to gravel needing to be replaced after extended periods of normal, everyday use.

You’ll often find with other gravel drives that they are great when they are first laid, but over time and the gravel moves and shifts and the earth below often moves too, leading to dips and holes that require a ‘top-up’ of extra gravel. With the Gridforce gravel driveway system, all those traditional problems are eliminated.

The revolutionary Gridforce system is easy and quick-to-install – creating the ULTIMATE GRAVEL DRIVEWAY in a matter of days.

The Gridforce plastic driveway grid system ensures reduced movement, sink, rut or shift leading to a firm gravel driveway for many years to come.

The plastic driveway grid system ensures your gravel driveway has a solid base and gives a strong surface which holds up to years of use and abuse from parking cars, walking pedestrians and visitors, bikes, prams and more. With the Gridforce system, you can be confident of a quality gravel drive which will last and last.

The Gridforce gravel system is also ideally suited to construction of paths, patio areas, parking areas and more – tailored to meet your needs.

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