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Car Parks

Drainage problems caused by impermeable materials used for access roads and car parks have become a major problem, with an increase in flooding and environmental contamination due to water run-off. As a consequence, the European Water Framework Directive requires that we manage our water resources in a more sustainable way, and provide an enhanced level of protection to water quality. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) can make a key contribution in the reduction of urban flooding by offering an alternative and long term solution to manage surface water run-off.

Plastic Paving for Car Parks


A gravel driveway requires constant levelling and raking to keep it functional. This is due to the lateral displacement of the product.


Access Roads

Such are the weight bearing capabilities of Gridforce; the system can be used extensively across a number of construction and civil engineering projects: highway maintenance, walkways, roadways, access roads, site works, house build and ground maintenance. Tough, flexible and easy to install, Gridforce is the hassle-free choice for a wide range of professional construction projects. Industrial environments require ground surfaces with extra strength. Gridforce will withstand the rigours of everyday industrial life.

Access Road Plastic Paving Grids & Mats


For erosion control in heavily used public areas, the Gridforce system will reinforce and give longevity to walkways and communal areas. There are various ways in which this can be achieved, either by a full dig installation, reduced dig installation or in grass applications, the flip and clip solution.

Grass Reinforcement Grid Panels


Companies within the construction industry use our patented cellular paving systems as a reliable source of grid panels that can cope with heavy HGV traffic and heavy load areas. Our strong ground protection panels have a very quick to use interlocking system which makes it incredibly easy to install and forget about. Whether it be heavy free standing traffic or flowing traffic, our superior strength plastic paving grids can hold up to 400 tonnes / m2. They are robust and light weight for fast transportation, setup and installation.

Cellular Paving Panels

Events & Shows

Year after year we hear of the mud baths at Glastonbury. Whilst some might like these, for the organisers it is a health and safety nightmare! Gridforce can significantly reduce the impact of severe ground erosion by absorbing the impact of weight thus protecting the ground (and mud!) underneath.

Temporary Ground Protection Grid Panels UK

Ground Reinforcement

Gridforce “Flip and Clip” Ground Reinforcement system using our ‘Park’ range of products.

In certain situations, it may be appropriate to dispense with a conventional base when installing Gridforce pavers. If the existing ground is grass covered, reasonably even/undamaged and considered to be suitably free draining, then the Gridforce “Flip and clip” method can be adopted, utilising the Park range of products

Industrial Plastic Grid Panels


Whether it is for caravan storage; pitches or caravan park general access, Gridforce can deliver. The Gridforce grass protection mesh has a weight bearing capacity of up to 400 tonnes per square metre, meaning you can erect towing vans, statics or tourers securely in the knowledge that it won’t damage the ground underneath.

Caravan Grass Protection Mesh, Grid Panels & Mats


Increasingly, turf grass management on the golf course demands practices which promote sustainable turf with regard to economic and environmental concerns, without sacrificing playing quality to a significant degree. For access to carry out essential green maintenance or for golf course construction, walkways and overflow parking, Gridforce provides the ideal solution and will make the maintenance of the whole golf course much easier while also improving the experience of the golfers.

Golf Course Ground Protection Grid & Mats

Disabled Access

The Gridforce products are manufactured and tested in accordance with use of wheelchair users, and comply with part M if the following criteria is adhered to:

The infill material should be level with the grid to provide a solid stable surface for movement across. We suggest the use of an angular shaped gravel which interlocks within the cells to create a firm surface.

The ramp should not exceed 1m in 12m (1:12)

With long slopes there should be landing stages to allow rest.

Plastic Reinforcement Grid Panels for Disabled Access