Ground Reinforcement Grid for Grass & Lawns

Ground Reinforcement (Instant)

Gridforce provide instant no dig ground reinforcement grid panel systems using our “Park & IR35” range of products, click here!

These grids can be pressed into existing well drained and stone free ground, thus removing the need for excavation and removal to a land fill site. If the ground is grass covered and even in surface then the purpose made Gridforce IR35 offers great strength where the weight of the traffic is spread across the area. The 50% closed surface has a non-slip finish and parking bays can be marked out for commercial applications. We would recommend this product where usage is non-domestic and for use on larger areas. 

We also offer Gridforce Park 40 which is more aesthetically pleasing and easier on the eye!  The versatile Gridforce Park 40 is designed and manufactured to accept cars and vans with a grass or gravel finish.  This product can be inverted and pressed into existing lawns for instant access and lawn parking if the ground is stable. We would recommend this product for domestic or low traffic applications. 

Both of these products can be used on existing grassed areas; however, it should be stated that the products are only as good as the ground underneath. Therefore, if the ground is very soft and not free draining, then it may not be suitable for this application. The product is manufactured to be a ground reinforcement for where the ground is stable and has good drainage capabilities. 

Our easy to install grid panel systems are built for performance, safety and strength. Ground reinforcement grids are constructed from 100% recycled plastic. The cell lawn reinforcement system is designed with superior durability and strength, ensuring a long lasting transformation of your lawn or turfed area.


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Installation Guidelines:

  1. No real preparation is required although it is advisable to cut the grass short.
  2. Turn a paver upside down and lay it on the grass. Take the next paver, correctly orientated, line up edge with first panel and apply foot pressure to complete connection.
  3. When laying is complete, use a roller or vibrating roller to push pavers into the ground. If possible, leave the pavers about 10mm proud of the surface to allow the grass to breath and aid growth.
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