Access Road Plastic Paving Grids & Mats

Bespoke Solutions

Gridforce are leading suppliers of superior ground protection grid panels and associated products. We are part of the Corden Group of companies who specialise in the supply & manufacture of construction & building products.

Our customers benefit not only from our better quality products but also from in-depth technical advice & support from our experienced team.

Grass Protection Grids

Gridforce’s grass reinforcement grid panels are known for having stronger properties than most competitors, being SuDs compliant (sustainable urban drainage system) and manufactured from LDPE to help cope with low temperatures.

Grass Protection Grid Panel Systems

Gravel & Stone Plastic Grid

We are leading suppliers of patented ground paving plastic grid panels and mats which are uniquely designed and manufactured for grass, gravel, & stone drive ways, car parks & overflow areas, path ways, lanes, shows, holiday sites, access roads, industrial applications, sporting venues, equestrian & livestock, lawn & bank, construction areas and more.

Gravel & Stone Plastic Grid Panels

Soil Reinforcement Panels

Gridforce is a recognised industry leader in the supply and installation of quality plastic soil reinforcement grid panels which are SUDS compliant meeting building regulations for sustainable urban drainage systems and 100% recycled and fully recyclable.


Plastic Permeable Paving

Our eco friendly reinforcement plastic paving grids have 90-95% open cell structures helping water and liquids to pass through it with ease. The Gridforce plastic paving block panels are designed and manufactured from LDPE which makes them less brittle than most competitors, as well as being able to cope with low temperatures.

Plastic permeable paving grid

High Strength Interlocking Grids

The Gridforce high strength patented interlocking grid panels are perfect for quick installation of driveways, car parks and lawn reinforcement applications. With 5 different plastic pavers to choose from with 3 varying depths, our uniquely designed less fragile grid panels can withstand free standing and flowing traffic weight from up to 400 tonnes / m2.

Extra Strong Plastic Grid Panels for Grass, Gravel, Stone & Ground Protection