Plastic Paving Reinforcement Panels for Car Parks

Gravel & Stone Plastic Grid

Gridforce is a leading supplier of patented ground paving plastic grid panels and mats which are uniquely designed and manufactured for:

  • Grass, gravel and stone driveways
  • Car parks and overflow parking areas
  • Pathways and lanes
  • Outdoor events and shows
  • Caravan parks, camp and holiday sites
  • access roads or lanes
  • Industrial and construction sites
  • Golf courses and sporting venues
  • Equestrian and livestock purposes
  • Lawn and bank reinforcement
  • Emergency routes and access roads
  • Along with many other specific applications used for both domestic and commercial purposes.
Gravel & Stone Plastic Grid Panel Suppliers for Driveways

The Gridforce team offers a quality product incorporated within a sustainable drainage system, with solutions and packages that embrace all aspects groundwork.

For individuals, companies or government bodies that are acquainted in using our products and services for various projects, we have retained ongoing customer loyalty due to the superior less brittle product we provide, as well as the personalised service we give. No matter what size of project you have or challenging application solution you need, we are always happy to assist whenever possible.

Our permeable gravel & stone plastic paving grids come with many benefits, which include:

  • SUDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)
  • High strength (up to 400 tonnes / m2)
  • Patented interlocking easy clip on grid panels
  • Lightweight, tough and durable gravel & stone grid panels
  • Withstands frost and UV radiation
  • Eco friendly 100% recycled ground protection products
  • Greater than 90% open cells for gravel & stone retention
  • 5 different pavers with 3 varying depths
  • Full technical advice, planning and installation service
  • Maintenance free, long-life gravel & stone grids
  • Fast 2-3 day turnaround service with large stock profile
  • Free UK mainland delivery

The SUDS compliant Gridforce ground protection cellular interlocking grids can be used for constructing a car parking area that in most cases requires no planning permission. It can additionally be used alongside traditional hard standing methods such as tarmac and concrete to act as water runs off the area.

Our rugged plastic paving grid systems are specifically designed for good ground stabilisation, corrosion prevention, along with stone & gravel retention, altogether helping provide hard standing vehicles or regular traffic with self drainage and avoiding water or flood run offs.

INSTALLATION SERVICE – Various Packages with Design and Technical Advice – Site Surveys and Assessments

In addition to being the leading supplier of permeable ground reinforcement paving systems, we offer a full accredited nationwide supply and installation service for both residential and commercial purposes. All work is completed to a consistently high standard, with various installation packages which include site surveys and assessments, along with design advice.

Gravel & Stone Plastic Grid Panel Suppliers for Gardens
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