Plastic Paving Reinforcement Panels for Car Parks

High Strength Interlocking Grids

Extra Strong Interlocking Grid Panels

For reinforcing grass, gravel or stone areas, The Gridforce high strength patented interlocking grid panels are perfect for easy installation of driveways, car parks and lawn reinforcement applications. With 5 different plastic pavers to choose from with 3 varying depths, our uniquely designed less fragile products can withstand free standing and flowing traffic weight from up to 400 tonnes / m2.

Being SUDS Compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) our 90 to 95% open cellular grid pavers are excellent for drainage and healthy grass growth. Over the years we have enjoyed ongoing loyalty with both domestic and commercial customers due to the range of products we supply for both heavy and light applications. This, along with our tailor made support packages help give our clients peace of mind for all aspects of groundwork.

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Strong Interlocking Plastic Grid Panels
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