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Gabion Lacing Wire Coil

Gabion Lacing Wire Coil

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Lacing wire is supplied as standard on gabion units for all joints. Additional Lacing Wire can be purchased from Corden as required.

Adjacent panels are joined together by a continuous lacing wire, weaving in and out of each mesh. As the wire is weaved in and out of the mesh it is pulled in the direction of weaving which then forms a tight joint.

All vertical joints and horizontal joints are to be laced. At the start and finish of the run of lacing, the wire should be wrapped around the panel wires 3 times.

Lacing Wire is of a nominal 2.2mm wire diameter in accordance with BS EN 10218-2:2012 and has a tensile strength that falls within a range of 350 to 550 N/mm2.

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