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NW1000 Non-woven Geotextile 45 m2 pack

NW1000 Non-woven Geotextile 45 m2 pack

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£60.00/ Each includes UK delivery & VAT

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£60.00 / Each Including VAT & UK Delivery

1.00 Units minimum sales order.

Contact us for available discounts (all orders of 50m2 and over). An essential part of the ground reinforcement process, this geotextile membrane is a high-quality porous surface that allows drainage through the Gridforce ground reinforcement grids while preventing weed and plant growth that might otherwise ruin your gravel driveway or reinforced lawn. This geotextile membrane: Can be easily cut to the required size or shape of your driveway Can be easily fit yourself Prevents weed growth that could ruin your gravel driveway Ensures ground stability Works as a porous membrane allowing proper drainage Low-cost, high-quality geotextile membrane is available to order online with delivery straight to your door.


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