Tring Car Park Grid

Specification Sheets & Product Cards

Gridforce specification sheets and product guides will provide the following data: paver specifications; maximum load capability and axle loading; material properties; applications and transport specification.

All Gridforce pavers are manufactured from low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are 100% recycled and recyclable.

Gridforce additionally meets the following DIN standards:

  • DIN 38412 – Neutral for the environment, lifespan higher than 10 years
  • DIN 4102 – Approval emergency access routes, fire resistance
  • DIN 1072 – Approval for 20 tonne axle load, driveways, road extensions, bridges
  • DIN IN ISO 124 and B125 – Approval for car parks, access roads & storage areas

Specification Sheets

Geotextile NW1000

Specification sheet for our Geotextile NW1000 range.


Specification sheet for our Geogrid

Product Cards


Product Card for our GF30 range.


Product Card for our GF40 range.


Product Card for our GF50 range.


Product Card for our Park 30 range.


Product Card for our Park 40 range.

IR 35

Product Card for our IR35 range.