Ground Reinforcement Grid Pavers

Specifiers Guidance

Over the years Gridforce have worked with many specifiers within the construction and architectural sectors. Our team help specifiers throughout the UK provide the most efficient ground reinforcement solution. We have created this page for specifiers, if there is any further information you require, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Gridforce Gravel Installation

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Gridforce Grass Installation

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Why Use Sustainable Drainage Systems?

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems also knows as SuDS, are a sequence of water management practices and facilities designed to drain surface water in a manner that will provide a more sustainable approach than what has been the conventional practice of routing run-off through a pipe to a watercourse. In the UK, surface water run-off is typically diverted into piped networks. However, with the current climate change and the resultant changes in rainfall patterns, there has been an increased peak flow run-off rate, which leads to overloading of drainage systems, resulting in failure, and regular incidents of major flooding and pollution. Many developed areas across the world are now entering a state of ‘water stress’ – not because there’s less water available, but because water is quickly channeled away from its natural path and prevented from soaking deep into the ground where it would naturally have maintained our aquifers, artificially creating a drought situation. Consequently, the European Water Framework Directive requires that we manage our water resources in a more sustainable way and provide an enhanced level of protection to water quality.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can make a key contribution in the reduction of urban flooding and pollution and are designed to return storm water to the water table as close as possible to where it falls. This is where the Gridforce system can be utilized. It is important to acknowledge that Gridforce permeable paving is a system and not just a plastic paver; the design of the sub-base is essential to the system’s performance. The Gridforce pavers are normally laid on a free draining stone base, eliminating the requirement for drainage pipework, and returning storm water to the water table, thereby relieving pressure on sewers.

Why Gridforce?

Gridforce offers a unique and revolutionary paver system which provides permeable ground reinforcement solutions across an extremely wide range of applications. With an unfilled weight bearing capacity of up to 400 tons per square metre, the Gridforce range possesses an unequalled combination of highly engineered design and a choice of 5 paver options that are manufactured from recycled low density polyethylene. LDPE not only produces high compressive strength but also gives the pavers a flexibility and resilience which enables the system to satisfy all client requirements from footpaths to car parks, emergency fire routes and HGV access. It also offers significant advantages over pavers manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which are more susceptible, over time and low temperatures, to brittleness and fracture. All Gridforce products are CE marked.This gives us the ability to offer a 10 year product guarantee.

Gridforce is normally laid on a free draining stone base, eliminating the requirement for drainage pipework, and returning storm water to the water table, thereby relieving pressure on sewers. Fully compliant to sustainable drainage technology, Gridforce can alleviate the effects of unstable ground conditions and surface water excesses. This will help avoid the expense of installing underground tanks needed for more conventional surfaces. Our system is favoured by planning departments and provides a natural means of dealing with drainage issues in many construction situations. Depending on ground conditions we may also be able to offer a reduced dig or no dig solution.

Advantages of Gridforce

  • 10 year product guarantee.
  • CE marked.
  • Eliminates drainage pipework.
  • Drains to water table, relieving pressure on sewer systems.
  • Complies with sustainable drainage best practice.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Manufactured from LDPE which, coupled with unique design and robust interlocking lugs and slot system, enables Gridforce to cope with HGVs and other industrial traffic.
  • 5 paver options to cover all ground reinforcement applications.
  • Cells can be filled with stone, or soil and seeded to achieve a grassed finish.
  • Very high open area at surface (90%-96% dependent on paver selected) to maximise aesthetic appeal of stone or grass.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Pavers palletised in layers of 4 no. pre-connected units to maximise installation speed (up to 100m2 per person per hour).
  • Patented interlocking system eliminates need to pin pavers together.
  • Easily cut with hand or power saw. Free design advice and site/customer visits can be arranged.
  • Supply only or supply and install options available.