Ground Reinforcement Grid Companies UK

Technical Information

Gridforce offers a revolutionary tile system made of 100% recycled plastic to reinforce ground surfaces. With a weight bearing capacity of up to 1000 tonnes per square metre the tough grids can be laid above or below the ground level and then filled with either decorative aggregate or top soil and then seeded. Offered as either a temporary or permanent solution, the interlocking tiles are specifically designed to give a firm surface that will not sink, rut or shift once installed.

Gridforce products offer a practical, economical and environmentally sound solution to many ground reinforcement problems. Fully compliant to sustainable drainage technology Gridforce can alleviate the effects of unstable ground conditions and surface water excesses. This will help avoid the expense of installing underground tanks needed for more conventional surfaces. Our system is favoured by planning departments and provides a natural means of dealing with drainage issues in many construction situations. Proper site preparation is the key to a successful installation.

Gridforce pavers are manufactured from low density polyethylene (LDPE). LDPE not only produces high compressive strength but also gives the pavers a flexibility and resilience which enables the system to satisfy all client requirements from footpaths to car parks, emergency, fire and HGV access routes. It also offers significant advantages over pavers manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which are more susceptible, over time, to brittleness and fracturing at low temperatures. This gives us the ability to offer a 10 year product guarantee.