Ground Reinforcement Grids & Mats


N J Whittaker Ltd

N J Whittaker Ltd – A chartered building and construction company.

Mr Whittaker gives an account of a new baptist church building project which had a large car park. The car park needed a plastic grid system to retain the gravel.

Mr Whittaker was advised to go with a cheap option for grid panels which turned out to be a disaster. The well known supplier’s materials were made from high density plastics, which make the grid more brittle & less robust. The whole car park in the end had to be re-done.

Mr Whittaker ended up installing Gridforce’s superior grid panel systems which are made from low density plastics, making them more flexible & more robust.

– Nick Whittaker, Director

Renco Architectural Designs

Renco Architectural Designs wanted to make this video for Gridforce because they wanted to make people aware of the different material qualities that plastic grid system suppliers use, many of which are not fit for purpose and end up shattering under pressure.

Gridforce’s easy to install plastic grid system panels are the exception, as they use superior low density material.  So much so, that we provide a 10 year protection guarantee on all grid products.

Mr Forster was not only delighted with the end result but also in the technical support & service which we provided.

– Ed Forster, Managing Director

Other Videos

Over the years Gridforce have produced a whole series of video’s demonstrating the superior nature of our grid panel systems within a variety of applications.

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